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One Man's Ode to His 'Liquid Fucking Gold' Sperm

"LaidNYC" purports to be a NY-based pick-up artist; you may know him from past rhetorical standouts like "Don’t Marry Women over 25." His recent essay on how much his sperm is worth (a lot) can be summed up in this one prudent declaration: "My seed is liquid gold and I don’t give it out like its god damn tap water." But the entire paean is worth a read — not because we’re outraged or offended, mind you, just because this dude’s Casanova fanfic is so pathetic it needs to be mocked.


"What’s your greatest struggle right now?"
“Imposed insecurity.”
“What does that mean?”
“I spend a lot of time worrying about changes in things that I have no control over. Medicare, Social Security, things like that. I worry about my ability to grow old with dignity. They keep talking about cutting this, and taking that away. They shouldn’t be springing that stuff on my generation. We did everything we were told to do. Spring that on a generation that has time to plan for it.”

'the race for mayor of Boston is wide open...the race has attracted no fewer than a dozen candidates. Five of them are black, and one is Latino. One is a woman. The city has never held a mayoral election with such a racially and ethnically mixed roster of candidates. Nor has its population ever been so diverse...Boston has never elected a nonwhite mayor...of the nation’s 25 biggest cities, Boston is one of only two in the North (Indianapolis is the other) that has never elected a mayor of color.'


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